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Welcome to ECE!

Hello! My name is Sydney Soriano, CEO and Founder of East Coast Esthetics. This first blog post will be me telling you about my company and how it all began.

East Coast Esthetics began as a dream during my time as a student esthetician. I completed my training in Downers Grove, Illinois - which neighbors the town I grew up in! As part of the school curriculum, every esthetician needed to develop a business plan, regardless of if the dream was to be a business owner or not! Little did I know that my plan would come to life only 6 months later.

You may be wondering how I ended up here - in Wilmington, North Carolina. In short, I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in May 2019 from UNCW and after spending time working in Chicago, I opted for a career change and my life took me back to the beach!

After working a desk job in Wilmington earlier this year, I decided to jump headfirst into starting up ECE and bringing my business plan to life!

Thank you for making these first few months so beautiful and for trusting me with your self-care.

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